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Trustum C. Tallman

Trustum C. Tallman
Trustum C. Tallman

Tenth child of John J & Sally Tallman, he was born on Chestnut Ridge in Dutchess County like all the rest of his siblings.  He moved to Chautauqua County while just 4 years old. His volunteer record described him as being of 5’–4” in height with a light complexion, grey eyes and brown hair. His brother Solomon already in the war on the western front, Trustum decided to join and was mustered in on September 3, 1864 in the Town of Harmony, Chautauqua Co., NY into the 90th New York Infantry Regiment, Company “H”.  The bounty paid him for doing so was $33.33.  He was promoted to Corporal on October 16th 1864 probably elected this while in training camp.  From his records it appears the Company joined the Regiment on Oct 16 from a Depot. Assuming this date to be correct he would have just missed by a few days the Battle of Opequon Creek and Fisher’s Hill. This period of the war was considered General Philip Sheridan’s Valley Campaign of August-October 1864. Therefore his first action was at the Battle of Cedar Creek, VA under the command of Lt. John McGraw, and on October 19, 1864 was shot in the left arm.   He was admitted to Satterlee Hospital, West Philadelphia, PA on October 23rd, 1864 and treated for a gunshot wound of the left radius approximately 4” above the wrist.  After this the war quickly began to wind down as Sherman had already destroyed Atlanta in September on his march through Georgia to the sea. On his release from Satterlee, November 7, 1864 he was given 20 days furlough.  On November 28th Special Order No. 97 transferred him to Company “F” and reduced him in rank to Private.  (Note: There’s no clear explanation as to how he went from Corporal to be reduced to Private upon his transfer).  He then joined his new Company at Camp Russell, VA.  By January 1865 he was back in Satterlee Hospital where he died on May 27th of Acute Laryngitis (today considered pneumonia). His body was taken by friends for burial on May 28th. (I wonder if he was temporarily buried in Virginia before being brought home?)  By the time of his death, the War was over as Lee surrendered at Appomattox in April 1865. He is buried in the family plot at Magnolia Cemetery, Chautauqua, Co., NY.  A receipt for his effects was signed for by his brother-in-law Abraham Stotenbur July 19th 1865.

Henry Merritt Tallman

Husband of Maria Elizabeth Tallman.  A student at Genesee College he enlisted in the 22nNew York Calvary, Co. “M” on Mar 25th 1865 at Lima receiving a $400 bounty for enlisting.  His volunteer record described him as being 5’-9” tall with blue eyes, red hair and of light complexion.  NOTEThis is the same Regiment and Company that Byron Talman was a Captain of.  Henry was a teamster (usually a wagon driver in charge of teams, usually mules) during his service with the Company.  He mustered out a Corporal on August 1, 1865 having seen little action.

After the war he returned to Genesee College receiving his BA and marrying Maria Elizabeth Tallman whom he’d met while there. Married on 27 November 1867 in Rochester Henry accepted a position as Principal of the Port Byron School and Maria a teacher.  In 1870 they moved to St. Louis and remained there several years as a principal before divorcing with one son Leon.  Henry remarried his administrative assistant and moved to Minneapolis where he died in 1896 leaving wife Sarah and children Kate, Henry Jr. and Perry H.  He was buried in Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis.

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