American Civil War Story?!?!

I know what you’re thinking, doesn't he mean American Civil War History? Well, I have a simple answer, yes and no!

When most people think of the word history they think of memorizing dates, names, and places… What a drag, right?

I’ve always been the weird guy that loves everything history related. Why? Because, I never got bogged down in the dates and stuff. Instead, I just saw it as a massive story about interesting things that have happened through the years.

So what? You may be asking yourself. Well, on this site I am going to do my best to gather some cool stories that will allow us to explore the fascinating STORY of the American Civil War together.

In fact, the idea to build a history based site is mainly just an excuse for me to be able to spend more time researching historical things that interest me!

Also, this site is intended as a place for you to share your favorite Civil War story with our readers. Whether you want to share a bit about your family's history, your favorite story from the Civil War, a book review, or anything else Civil War related, this is the place to tell YOUR Civil War stories!

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Civil War Inventions

Sounds Boring...

Is that what you are thinking right now? Let me ask you, have you ever heard of these interesting stories from the Civil War?

You may be asking why you’ve never heard about some of these stories…

The reason is really quite simple. In school, too much time is often spent pounding dry data into kids. This leaves no time to tell the interesting and often exciting stories that make up what we call history.

Civil War/Ironclad Battle of Fort Pillow

Why American Civil War?

Why are the stories from the Civil War so special that I had to focus in on them? I love all kinds of history. But since I want to build a website I thought I should focus in on a smaller chunk of history.

I decided to focus on the Civil War for several reasons. Besides the fact that I want to learn more myself (remember this site is just an excuse to indulge my hobby), here are some of those reasons:

  • This was a time when military technology (balloons, ironclads, submarines, etc.) and weapons development was way ahead of military strategy.
  • There are many stories of intrigue (spies, conspiracies, etc.) that aren't as well known as they should be.
  • There were many fascinating heroes and epic battles throughout the Civil War that will be interesting to learn more about.

Go Ahead and Dive In!

Are you excited to read some stories yet? I hope so, because I plan on doing my best to tell them. I invite you to take a look around the site and join me as we explore the STORY of the American Civil War!

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