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Tallmans In The Civil War - Appendix

Silas German’s Squirrel Hunter’s discharge:

Squirrel Hunters Discharge

A. German Andersonville, prison Hospital Register, Priv. “A”, 72 Ohio:


A. German his release from Andersonville prison in April ‘65’:


Special Thanks goes out to the following: Wendy Deakins for her introduction to the Hillsdale, Michigan Tallman’s; To Mary Martin for providing the photographs and the additional information on the German brothers; and to Ann Van Leeuwen a descendant of Byron Talman for permission to use her story and photographs of Byron.


  1. After Isaac Tallman moved to Monroe Co., NY some of his sons chose to drop an “L” from their surname. The exact reason is unknown, however, Isaac did not.
  2. Officers & non-commissioned officers of each company were elected by the men of the Regiment when they were formed and went to train. Often the Regiment commander was appointed by the Governor of the State.
  3. Conn. Sunday, Oct. 24, 1934 “Middletown Press” – “News, Notes and Social Events”, Mr. Edward R. Murrow was married to Janet Huntington Brewster, Saturday afternoon at 4:oo o’clock by Rev. Dr. Frank F. German in the brides home.
  4. All unaccredited photographs are the property of Jon Tallman.


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  15. Wendy Deakins for William Henry Tallman

Copyright © 2013 Jon L. Tallman, all rights reserved

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