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Hi, my name is Mark and I'm addicted to history...

LAME! I know, but sadly it is true...

I read and learn about history at every opportunity. I can waste hours reading about the life of some random ancient Roman senator. Then, I might go directly into watching a long breakdown of every move made during a minor sea battle in the 1700s. What a sad story it is...

And now it gets even worse...

I started this website all about the American Civil War so that I would have an excuse to spend hours and hours studying up on all kinds of historical stuff from that period. On this site, I try to take all that stuff - bringing out the interesting and exciting tidbits that I find so fascinating - for all to enjoy...

So by reading this site you are in fact an enabler!

...but don't worry, I forgive you!

Please take a look around, and I hope you enjoy some of the stories you find.

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