Tallmans In The Civil War

Webmaster's Note: Tallmans In The Civil War is a short book by Jon L. Tallman in which he tells the stories of the service and sacrifice of some members of his family tree. The author includes not only a brief history of his great-grandfather's service, but also stories about thirteen of his great-grandfather's cousins and in-laws. 

Some of these men were wounded in the war, and some died in the war. The family was represented at the great battles of Shiloh, Chancellorsville, Antietam, Gettysburg, and many more. 

Mr. Tallman has done a great job of researching his family's history, and compiling such an interesting collection of stories. We hope you enjoy this brief glimpse of one family's service during the war, and we want to thank Mr. Tallman for being kind enough to share his hard work with our readers.

Jon was also kind enough to share the story of his wife's great-grandfather as well. Not only did George Murray Brown serve in the Civil War, but he was also the last Sheriff in the state of Ohio to oversee a public hanging.

Tallmans In The Civil War is published on American Civil War Story by permission of the author and copyright holder, Jon L. Tallman, all rights reserved.

-by Jon L. Tallman

Tallman in the Civil War

In memory of the Tallmans who believed in the emancipation and not in the secession of the States, who fought and some died in the suppression of the rebellion.  It’s with my best efforts to present the following glimpses into the efforts these men put forth.  Dedicated to all those both past and present who’ve served in the Armed Forces of America.

These short stories are about the great-grandchildren of Darius Tallman and Rebecca “Southworth” Tallman along with known spouses of whom fought in the Civil War of 1861-1865

Grandsons of Stephen Tallman: William Henry 1837-1909

                                            Edgar Haight 1841-1875

Grandsons of Rebecca Tallman: Silas Kendall German 1834-1925

                                            David Force German 1840-1898

                                            Thomas C. German 1844-1864

                                            Andrew German 1846-1866

                                            Isaac Talman German 1838-1910

Grandsons of Isaac Tallman: Orville J. 1843-1922

                                        Byron M. 1839-1909

Grandsons of John Tallman: Solomon A. 1843-1909

                                       Trustum C. 1844-1865

John J. Tallman’s Sons-in-Law:

     Maria E. Tallman’s husband: Henry Merritt Tallman 1839-1896

     Mary (Tallman) Losee’s husband: John J. Losee 1823-1863

Darius Sr. Tallman’s, Grand-son-in-Law: Theodore Whitehead Davis 1844-1913 husband of Mary Estelle (Tallman) Davis the daughter of John P. H. Tallman

Copyright © 2013 Jon L. Tallman, all rights reserved

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