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The Civil War spawned so many great stories, I can't hope to cover more than a tiny fraction of them all on this website. So, if you feel I am neglecting your favorite Civil War story, this is your opportunity to step up and right that wrong!

Have you written a book about the Civil War? Tell us about it!

Is there an interesting story that has been passed down through your family about the Civil War? Share it with us! One of our readers even shared a short book he had written about his family's service during the Civil War.

Have you recently visited a historic Civil War battlefield or museum? Tell us about it!

Are you a living historian with reenactment tales to tell? Tell your stories here!

Did you recently read a Civil War book? Give us your honest review!

Whatever the case may be, if you have Civil War stories to share, this is the place to do it. 

Don't have any ideas? Make up a story to tell us what is happening in the picture above; or better yet, find the real story!

A Few Guidelines

All stories will be reviewed for grammar, originality, and appropriateness before they go live.

If you have pictures that go with your story, you can upload them at the bottom of the form: and if you have a youtube video you would like to share, you can even include the embedding code!

If you have a website you would like to have linked from your story, include the info, and I will take care of it.

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Editor's note: Dan & Suzanne Chilton have written and published Blue & Gray Cross Current , a Civil War novel based on the true story of their family's …

A Bad Time Was Had By All 
We each have four Great Grandfathers. My Mother’s maternal Grandfather, William Beck, is one of mine. He stood 5 ft, 9 inches tall. He had fair complexion, …

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