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A Civil War magazine can be a great source of new, fascinating stories and information from the Civil War. Unfortunately, trying to figure out which magazine to subscribe to can be a struggle. Believe me, I know.

When one gets to looking, there are so many great magazines that it becomes hard to decide which one is the best. The fact is they are all really good. So it really just comes down to what strikes your interest. 

Here are my top four Civil War magazines (in no particular order), and what I think makes them great...

Top Four Civil War Magazines

America's Civil War -  Founded in 1987, America's Civil War delivers the greatest stories and most comprehensive Civil War analysis available. This magazine is well illustrated with outstanding pictures, beautiful artwork, and detailed maps. Also, it delivers articles with a strong emphasis on the battles, strategies, leaders, and little known facts of the war. Some fascinating articles include a profile of Robert E. Lee's little known brother (Smith), details surrounding West Virginia's secession from Virginia, and how General Winfield Scott's Anaconda Plan might have won the war with much less bloodshed.

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Civil War Times - One of the oldest Civil War magazines, Civil War Times was founded in 1962. Civil War Times truly embodies what we are trying to do here at American Civil War Story, taking their readers on an adventure as they explore the experiences of the people who actually lived the war. Some interesting articles include details of Confederate Colonel Calvin Walker and how his personal effects were reunited in recent years, a Union artillery officer's account of the bloody Battle of Antietam, and the story of four Georgia brothers who served the Confederate Army in various ways throughout the war.

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Civil War Navy the Magazine

Civil War Navy [The Magazine] - This is a relatively new magazine, but I think it has a lot potential. It promises to bring to life the underrepresented history of the Civil War navies.

The one issue I have seen was a veritable treasure trove of information about Civil War submarines. It was packed with stories about little known exploits of submarines during the war, and also present day efforts to find and preserve these rare pieces of naval history. Future issues are sure to be filled with fascinating information about ironclads, river warfare, and all things Civil War navy related.

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The Civil War Monitor - The Civil War Monitor is another great magazine. Each issue is packed with well researched, beautifully illustrated articles from the leading Civil War historians and authors of today. This magazine attacks the stories of the Civil War from a number of different angles (military, political, social, economic, etc). Some articles of interest include the impact of the battle between the USS Hatteras and the CSS Alabama, the second-guessing and backbiting Grant faced during his Vicksburg campaign, and the accuracy (or lack thereof) of the hit Hollywood movie Lincoln.

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These are my top Civil War magazines. If you have some other suggestions, feel free to let me know in the comments...

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