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American Civil War Facts...

I know what you're thinking... There is absolutely no way he can spin a page about American Civil War Facts to be anything other than boring...

...Challenge accepted!

Granted, there is some fairly dry stuff that falls into this category that I'm going to cover. Things like: timelines, casualties, flags, and uniform variations.

You may wonder why I chose to include this stuff...

Well, while all the stories are great and all, sometimes it makes them easier to understand if you can find some background information to help put them in perspective. This category will also serve as a good place for me to sneak in some interesting stories that don't fit well in any other section.

Also, not all facts are dry and boring. I will also include a section dedicated to strange, interesting, and sometimes even humorous facts...

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Strange And Interesting Facts

Stonewall Jackson
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Here is a taste of some of the more entertaining American Civil War facts  I've come across...

  • General "Stonewall" Jackson (right) walked around with his right hand in the air, in an effort to balance the blood in his body...
  • At the Battle of Shiloh, many wounded soldiers who lay on the battlefield overnight reported that their wounds glowed in the dark...
  • General Ulysses S. Grant was not a fan of music. He was known to say that he only recognized two songs, "One was Yankee Doodle. The other one wasn't."
  • General Robert E. Lee had a pet chicken named "Nellie" that laid an egg under his cot almost every morning...
  • During the Civil War, Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest had twenty-nine horses shot out from under him...
  • Lincoln was shot at and nearly killed in August 1864 (about eight months before he was assassinated).

Not too horribly boring is it?

I mean seriously, glow in the dark wounds! Get this, those whose wounds glowed in the dark seemed more likely to recover from their wounds than those whose wounds didn't glow in the dark...

True story! Even though it sounds like part of one of those terrible low budget Sci-Fi movies.

How about getting twenty-nine horses shot out from under you? I'd hate to be his horse, but I'd probably go partners with him on a lottery ticket...

Basically, this stuff is only boring if we let it be, but if we look for the intrigue and excitement it is usually not too hard to find.

Civil War Facts

There are a wide variety of American Civil War facts to be found, and most shed at least some light on the larger story of the American Civil War.

I am going to try to collect various lists of facts in the following categories. As the site grows I hope to add more categories. If you have a suggestion for a new category, please feel free to contact me with that suggestion.

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